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I’m Mirta, I was born in Rome, where I also live in, and work as Tourist Guide, patented in Italy and Vatican.

I am gratuated in Art History and Museology at the university Università degli studi Roma Tre; I spent a long time in Paris to study at the École du Louvre. With my studies a get specialized in Art History and Archaeology, and I love to share everything I know about that.

I love travelling, and consider every travel as a great way to make new experiences and discover different sides of life. Each single travel leave in our deep something important, and we have to be ready to seize: that allows us to grow up every instant, and makes us rich, as nothing else is able to do. All my travels and people i met, gave me great experiences, and all these are so important for my profession.

This blog is like my shared clipboard, where a lot of different elements and suggestions concur to define an image of what I’d like to share which everyone would like to meet me during a tour.

All pictures on the website romesweetromeguide.com are taken with care by myself, except in cases where is differently specified. I invite anyone to contact me before using my shoots, or for any controversy.