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Made in Roma. A new perspective on the roman society

In the ancient world, only few works carry a “signature“, a mark. It would allows to determine its origin or property. On the contrary, are the objects of common use those that most frequently carry symbols of ownership and allow to define its history.

The exhibition “Made in Rome. Marchi di produzione e di possesso nella società antica” (Made in Rome. Trademarks of production and possession in ancient society) at Trajan’s Market highlights these aspects that are often overlooked by the general public, but with great importance for the archaeologists.

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The Turtle Fountain: history and legends

In the ancient neighborhood Sant’Angelo, near the old Jewish Ghetto, one of the most intimate and elegant squares of Rome. At its core, almost inevitably, a fountain.

Which is its magic touch? It’s hard to tell about it, but who wants to discover one of the richest districts in history and stories will not remain immune to his charms.

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Rome, quick instructions

This post is a present by Patricia’s blog Guia de Roma em português; I’m only trying to translate it as better as I can, but I totally agree with her. Her work, her travels and her ideas area source of inspiration for me; we often compare our opinions, sharing each other ideas about new places to discover or inspections for future works.

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Santa Maria Antiqua. A Byzantine church in the Roman Forum

The church of Santa Maria Antiqua was buried for over a thousand years. His discovery is unique, not only for the exceptional nature of the event. The mural paintings that decorate the interior allow us to better understand the evolution of medieval painting, in a place that has not changed after the year 847.

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A marble apple to think about the Future. Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Baths of Caracalla

With “Mela reintegrata” (Reintegrated apple), a site-specific work for Baths of Caracalla, Michelangelo Pistoletto relates to a timeless artistic, mythological and social tradition. That way the issues originated from this fruit find a possible solution.

At the same time, his project “Terzo Paradiso” (Third Heaven) comes to its arrival point.

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