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Photo-post #2 – The Roman Forum


Roma, Foro Romano, Tempio dei Dioscuri (Aedes Castoris) 

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When in Rome, everyone goes to the Colosseum, and my suggestion is to complete the visit with the Roman Forum.


Because there you can walk in the ancient city, where all the most important people of the ancient world spent their time. The Roman Forum is the richest archeologic park, with temples, administrative buildings and different kinds of monuments. 

Roman people didn’t live there, because it’s area is a public one, where they met themselves to discuss, for business and for all their public affairs. 

And also after the Roman Empire, during the Middle Age, some buildings turned into churches. That allowed to preserve them until now, and thanks to this fact we actually have wonderful highlights as like the recently opened to public Santa Maria Antiqua. 

With the regular ticket, you can visit three archaeological sites: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill!

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