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Photo-post #4 – Capitolium, Ostia

The Capitolium of the ancient city of Ostia (today Ostia Antica) was the most important temple of the city, built during the empire of Hadrian.

Capitolium in Ostia
Capitolium in Ostia

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Similarly to the Capitolium of Rome, in all the cities of the Roman Empire, the main temple was designed to accommodate the statues of the most important gods; the “team” Jupiter, Juno and Minerva is the so-called “Capitoline triad”.

This temple is located in the main street, in the Forum (the main public space); it is built on a high podium and accessible from a tier with with 21 steps. Inside the temple, three niches was designed to the statues of worship.

With the decline of the city, the temple was plundered of its rich decoration. Today, very little remains of his greatness, but his magnificence is still evident in the massive walls, in its grandeur and in the great architectural structure.


  • Where: Ostia Antica is easily accessible by subway (line “Roma-Lido”) or by car
  • When: when visiting the ancient city of Ostia, one has to plan a full day out. For access and other information, please visit the website
  • Why: it’s a real roman city, only half hour away from Rome! As for Pompeii, there you can see how roman people really lived, walking in their street and enter into their own homes and apartments.

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