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Photo-post #5 – The Farnese Palace

Central courtyard of the Farnese Palace (French embassy in Italy), piazza Farnese, Roma.

Antonio Da Sangallo, Michelangelo Buonarroti.

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Le central courtyard of the Farnese Palace in Rome has been designed by Antonio da Sangallo for the cardinal Alessandro Farnese (later pope Paul III). 

The arches running all long the four sides are inspired to the Theater of Marcellus’ ones, which in 1500 has been recently re-discovered.

According to the first plan, the three levels was supposed to be open like a loggia; later (1546-1549), with Michelangelo, the second level loggia has been closed, and the third level modified.

The courtyard is in a classical style, where the three main architectonical styles are layered: ionic, doric, corinthian.

From noble palace to embassy.

The Farnese palace is now the French Embassy in Italy, and for this reason generally closed to the public. The embassy’s cultural engagement, therefore, make it possible to be visited few times a year.

The palace itself can be considered like a real late-Renaissance museum; it has been designed and decorated by the main italian artists and architects.

If you want to visit the Farnese Palace, please, click on the French Embassy website

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