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Travel in the time of Coronavirus

The whole planet is now living a difficult time: an unexpected virus has changed the way we interact, and social exchanges have been affected. We all needed to face the emergency somehow, even changing our daily life.

Cet article est disponible en français ici.

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in italiano

Cet article est disponible en français ici.

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in italiano

Several changement have been taken to avoid contact with the infected (or supposed to be): airline companies have deleted direct flights to/from Italy and other countries; governments advised their citizens to travel to the countries touched by the virus; cities and states have been isolated and declared off limits; travelers have been quarantined to limit the risk of contagion.

But what can we do in this extra-ordinary days?

Travelers is one of the groups most affected by the current health emergency; they had to quickly decide about their travels, no possibilities to evaluate any valid option. As for Italy, the visitors mainly decided to cancel the trips scheduled in the next few months. This choice is only partly due to government actions to minimize the risk of contagion; on the contrary, above all it was simply panic .

Results and proposals

Due to these choices, the tourism dizzying collapsed, impacting the Italian economy.

By my side, I don’t think it could be useful trying to persuade anyone that Italy is not as dangerous as described by the international medias. On the net it is easy to find videos and memes used to demonstrate how our cities are no more dangerous than they were 1 year ago. The big effort made by guides, associations, museums, individual citizens is remarkable and deserve any support.

We all have to work hard. To represent Italy at best. To contribute giving the proper image of the county. Anyone on its own way.

So, if your country has not deleted any direct trade with Italy, if your government will not push you stay isolated for a few weeks at the end of your unforgettable holiday, or if you simply don’t want to change your plans, in Italy and especially in Rome we are ready to welcome you, open arms.

Why choose Rome now?

On the other hand, the next few months could be the best time ever to visit Rome, for several reasons.

  • Rome is amazing at springtime
  • you can skip the long hours under the sun waiting in line to entry in the Colosseum
  • the Vatican Museums are practically empty
  • it is finally possible to approach the Trevi Fountain and try to throw the coin to go back to Rome
  • visiting the Galleria Borghese Museum without a miraculous on-line book months in advance may be possible
  • the Mouth of Truth will no longer be only that of the film “Roman Holiday”, but you too can have a close meeting with that strange face

Paradoxically, with the number of tourists falling to a minimum, the risk of infection by CoViD-19 is almost non-existent. If ever there was a real danger.

So, if you have decided not to change your plans, but if you still want to avoid the places that are usually crowded, the solution could be in this post. What then it is a post always useful, because Rome is not only Vatican-Colosseum-Trevi Fountain-Spanish Steps and, just in case, the Pantheon too. We have much more than this, and this could be the right time to start living Rome off the beaten track.



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